Strict Quality Control Practices

At Hillside Meat Processors we are committed to processing meats to set customer specifications and to ensuring that all AUS-MEAT requirements and AQIS regulations are maintained at the highest levels.


Hillside is proud of its excellent reputation for providing consistent high-quality skins which are shipped to countries around the world.

All Hillside’s skins are transferred direct from the slaughter floor to the skin shed for grading, prior to salting. Any defects in skins are monitored and reported to the slaughter floor foreman, so immediate corrective action can be taken. All skins are drum-salted and packed for export.

Hillside Meat Processors’ lambs and mutton pelts are removed using the revolutionary automatic Pelt-O-Matic machine, which produces a high-quality skin with minimal defaults and no straining.


Hillside has an extensive range of prime cross-bred Western Australian lamb products available to suit all customer requirements, with our own Hillside feedlots to contract farmers who supply us with the finest quality lambs which are available throughout all seasons of the year. Be it in carcass, carton or retail ready form, Hillside premium lamb is guaranteed all year round.


As Western Australia has a large sheep flock, Hillside Meat Processors can readily supply all grades of mutton. Frozen or fresh carcass, boneless and bone-in mutton products are cut and packed for various domestic and international markets.


Hillside produces all lamb and mutton offals which are trimmed and packed to our customers’ specifications. We provide the offal fresh or frozen and can pack to accommodate all customer requirements.

Sheep Runners

Frozen sheep runners (green) are available and packed to customers’ requirements.